New Zealand boysenberries are enjoyed all over the world in a wide variety of ways – their zesty taste, vibrant colour and good size makes them a favourite with chefs and food manufacturers. If you haven’t yet experienced the delicious qualities of a boysenberry, then make sure you try them soon!

Chefs find the exotic reddish purple colour offers many creative possibilities to excite the palate and stimulate the eye. Manufacturers use New Zealand boysenberries’ intense flavour for: premium jams, preserves and conserves; in dairy desserts, ice creams and yoghurts; as fruit fillings for bakery products, and of course delicious boysenberry beverages. Sensational on their own, New Zealand boysenberries also blend exceptionally well with other fruits making them ‘great mixers’ in juice, fruit or puree form.

Grown in the sunniest part of New Zealand, boysenberries are harvested from mid-December until mid to late January to ensure the ripe fruit reaches full maturity which gives them a superb sweet flavour. The boysenberry fruit commonly grows to over three centimetres long and two and a half centimetres wide and weighs approximately 8gms and has a soft to medium firmness.