Boysenberries New Zealand Carton

Boysenberries New Zealand Carton

Our Product Options

Boysenberries are packed in a variety of forms, and are available to manufacturers, importers and food service distributors in the following:

Free Flow

Boysenberry-IQF-Trays-368Individually Quick Frozen (IQF)
From a simple boysenberry coulis and cheesecake, to a delectable salad of wild fruits dessert, New Zealand IQF boysenberries offer lots of sweet and tangy possibilities for chefs creating healthy and exciting menus.

Pack styles:
10 kilogram polylined cartons
Additional custom pack options on request

Block Frozen Fruit

Boysenberry-Pre-Closure-Block-Frozen-Processing-130Convenience and versatility when you need it! New Zealand boysenberries are ripened to perfection and frozen to retain the flavour and goodness. This form is ideal for jams/preserves, bakery products with fruit fillings, biscuits, ice-creams, or wherever you need the big, fresh flavour of New Zealand boysenberries.

Pack styles:
17 kilogram polylined cartons
175 kilogram polylined steel drums
Additional custom pack options on request

Juice Concentrate

boysenberry-juice-concentrate-drumThe natural colour and flavour of the pure juice concentrate makes New Zealand boysenberries attractive for uses in blended beverages including fruit juice products with apple juice or mineral waters. Boysenberries can be used as a specific colourant and to sharpen up red-based beverages. New Zealand boysenberries also make a delicious fruit drink on their own or as a fermented alcoholic beverage. Packed as 65 degree brix concentrate.

Pack styles:
25 kilogram jerry cans or polylined cartons (bag in box)
260 kilogram steel drums with multi-walled liners


boysenberry-frozen-seedless-puree-1New Zealand boysenberries make a smooth and delicious puree with an intense berry flavour. It can be swirled through ice cream or as a topping, used as a fruit flavour in yoghurt and jams, or on the menu with chocolate cake. There are uses galore for this versatile and delicious product.

Pack styles:

Processed Frozen Seedless
15 kilogram barrier bags in cartons

Processed Aseptic Seedless
20kgs kilogram barrier bags in cartons
200 kilogram polylined drums

Harvest Methods/Options

  • Machine Harvested
  • Hand Harvested


The vast majority of our fruit is machine harvested. Modern harvesters have the technology to select only the ripe fruit to pick at each pass. Most growers would pass through their fields of boysenberries 7 to 9 times each harvest season.

Boysenberries New Zealand will hand harvest to order for specialty customers. Please note orders need to be placed well in advance of the harvest season – by 31st October of each year. An additional charge is required to hand harvest.

All fruit is hand sorted and inspected prior to packing.