Boysenberry Hand Pies


Sheet of butter puff pastry

1/3 cup of boysenberries

½ Tbsp. of cornstarch

Icing sugar

Egg wash


Pre heat oven to 220°C

Place sheet of pastry on lightly floured surface and cut out a circle approx. 10cm in diameter.

Mix together cornflour and boysenberries and place boysenberry mixture in centre of your pastry circle.

Fold circle in half (creating a half moon) and with a wet fingertip seal the edges together, then crimp them with a fork.

Baste with egg wash.

Place in the oven and bake for approx. 20 mins – until golden brown.

Allow to cool slightly then sprinkle with icing sugar.

Makes one pie.

Repeat to make as many as you can eat!