Boysenberry Sponge Cake


Cake Mix box of your choice (we used a lemon coconut mix) and the additional ingredients it might require

Boysenberry Jam


Icing Sugar

Red and blue food colouring


Make cake as per directions on your cake mix box, allow to cool completely after baking.

Using butter and icing make butter icing using your favourite recipe (I always use the good old Edmonds Cookbook).

Colour icing to your desired shade of purple by mixing the red and blue food colouring.


  • Split cake into 3 layers.
  • Ice the sides in a thin ‘crumb’ coating and generously ice the top of the first layer
  • Spread your chosen amount of Boysenberry jam on to the top the your second layer, then flip the layer over and place the jam ‘top’ directly onto the top of your iced first layer. (The top of the second layer has now become the bottom of the second layer.
  • Ice the sides and top of your second layer as per the first layer
  • Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the third layer
  • Place cake in the fridge for about 30 mins to allow the icing to harden
  • Remove cake from the fridge and cover in a final layer of icing (you will need quite a bit of icing)
  • All done! Serve with boysenberries!