Company History

It is only 75 years since the boysenberry was introduced to New Zealand from the United States. But in that short space of time we have established ourselves as the largest producer of boysenberries in the world. Boysenberries New Zealand is a key part of that growth and is excited to be at the forefront of continued boysenberry development and research.

A farmer/grower co-operative based in the Nelson region, Boysenberries New Zealand carries out the sales and marketing of boysenberries for the majority of growers in the Nelson/Motueka area.  Its affords the growers to appeal to a wider market and provides customer confidence in the fruit.

Today Boysenberries New Zealand:

  • Is the largest marketer of boysenberries worldwide.
  • Represents growers who produce 75 per cent of the total production of New Zealand boysenberries, and 50-60 per cent of the world production.
  • Has annual sales of NZ$6-10 million, of which 75 percent are sold on the international market.

So what do we actually do?

Our traditional business is the supply of fruit as ingredients for the food manufacturing industry, and the majority of the product is packed and sold as frozen whole fruit, or further processed into puree or juice concentrate to markets such as northern Europe/UK, Japan, Australia, and the USA.

The co-operative also takes an active involvement with industry bodies in setting direction of ongoing research and development for the boysenberry industry.