Keeping It Green

The goodness of the unspoilt natural environment of New Zealand, its favourable climate and worldwide reputation as a producer of high quality foods, make our boysenberries a premier choice among berryfruits.

Here at Boysenberries New Zealand we don’t take the unspoilt environment for granted, and have incorporated rigorous environmental standards into our daily practices.

Our environmental policies are:

  1. To maintain and enhance the quality, productivity and life supporting capacity of our soils.
  2. To manage the quality and quantity of surface and ground water to meet the current and future needs of local ecological systems, communities, and land users including boysenberry growers by:
    • Sustainable use and management of natural water resources.
    • Ensuring the water is of suitable quality for the needs of all the above stakeholders.
    • Positive action to restore and prevent water degradation.
  3. To actively support and maintain clean air quality.
  4. To manage pests, weeds and diseases using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices thereby reducing the risks they pose as well as risks associated with control measures to levels consistent with established objectives for:
    • Crop Production
    • Biological diversity of ecosystems
    • Safe and healthy food
  5. To sustainably manage the environmental impacts of producing and using energy sources.
  6. To sustainably manage waste streams and positively act to reduce risks to the environment and health by:
    • Recycling waste resources when environmentally and economically efficient to do so.
  7. To manage or prevent the harmful effects of hazardous substances to protect the environment and wellbeing of people and communities.

GMO Policy

The boysenberries produced in New Zealand are from conventionally bred varieties that have been carefully selected using traditional breeding techniques. Boysenberries New Zealand can confidently assert that its New Zealand boysenberries do not come from any varieties that have been produced using gene technology (commonly referred to as genetically modified) as defined in the ANZFA standard A18.
This applies to both fruit and processed boysenberry (such as puree and juice concentrate products) produced within New Zealand.

Boysenberries New Zealand is currently able to meet market preferences without pursuing gene technology for boysenberry or boysenberry products. The safe and healthy nature of our fruit has always been extremely important to us and as such we expect no change to the current policy in the near future.